Monday, October 12, 2009

California Senator Calls Obama Indecisive on Afghanistan

Diane Feinstein, D-CA, is not exactly someone who you would think would be on the war side of Afghanistan. She has said that Obama should listen to people he chose. Namely General Stanley McCrystal, who has called for more troops. Senator Feinstein implies that Obama is doing nothing, not listening to the left or the right. And she cannot understand why.

Senator Feinstein paints a grim picture, “I’ll tell you what I said. I reviewed all of the intelligence and looked at the situation, and it was pretty clear to me that violence was up 100 percent; 950 attacks in August. The Taliban now controls 37 percent of the people in the areas where these people are. Attrition in police is running 67 percent, either killed or leaving the service.”

Hard to believe, but it does seem at least one key senator is leaning toward more troops. But really, this should not come as a great surprise. President Obama himself has repeatedly in the past called the war in Afghanistan the war that we must wage and win. His stalling and do-nothing approach is obviously in respect to his needing to appease some on the left.

Appeasing the left has nothing to do with it. Appeasing the right has nothing to do with it.

We applaud Senator Feinstein and hope more people come forward. This is not the time to waffle and stall. It is time for action. Keep your promise, President Obama!

Send the troops!

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