Tuesday, October 13, 2009

US Military Recruiters Meet All Goals for first time in 35 years.

The economy is bad. People need jobs. Young people especially. So, the military is a good looking option for many.

The US military has met all recruiting goals for the first time in 35 years. Actually, the first time since the draft was stopped.

We need to warn young people, however, that the United States military is not just a job. And it's not an adventure. It's serious business. Many kids join and don't realize they are asked to kill people and break things. And get killed themselves. But contrary to popular belief, the military is rather safe for most enlistees. But it is a dangerous business nonetheless.

There are wrong reasons to join the military. One is thinking it's just a great way to get a job. Wrong. It really does not prepare you for a great job on the outside. Unless you cherry-pick what job you get in the military. There isn't quite a demand for tank mechanics in the civilian world. Mechanics yes, not tank mechanics. Experience counts, true enough. Plus, you have just spent four years getting experience in a military setting. Not exactly real world experience for the working world. Some may disagree, but if you really want a great civilian job, then go find out what that great civilian job needs. And go and get it. Probably the military is not a prerequisite.

The only reason to join the military should be that you want to do your patriotic duty for the betterment of your country and the world. The other reasons are secondary.

Joining the military will not make a man (or woman) out of you if you are not already one.

Joining the military will not get you a great civilian job. In fact, that idea is just plain stupid, but it is a popular recruiting line.

Joining the military is not a great way to escape your parents and get out on your own.

Joining the military is a hardship. Especially if you are married

Joining the military is not a great way of going to college. Think about it. You'll be four years older and four years behind your career goals.

Joining the military for honorable service is one of the BEST things you can do.

Joining the military is a great career in and of itself.

The military needs military minded men and women. Not civilian job seekers.

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