Friday, November 27, 2009

Military Divorces up

Divorces of military service members is up nearly 1 percentage point since 2001.

There were 27,312 among active duty service personnel in 2009, ending in September.

That puts the divorce rate at 3.6% Women in the military have a much higher percentage of divorce than their male counterparts. 7.7& for women, 3% for men.

What this shows is that military service puts a slight strain on marriages.

It puts more of a strain on womens' marriages than men. As much as people scream for equality in the service and women in combat, we must realize the strain this causes on the normalcy of human lives.

The old saying sued to go that the government didn't issue you a wife.

But because of recent benefits that were almost nonexistent years ago, young people join the service and think of marriage at the same time.

We have made it easy for people to think the military supports marriage. We give benefits for housing, medical, as well as other benefits for spouses and dependents.

This has created a false sense of security. Basically thinking the military is supporting marriage and families. The truth is, it's not.

The mission of the military is to kill people and break things, to put it bluntly. Your family comes second to your duty. Today, young people expect it to be reverse.

Before you join the service and get married, think long and hard about the strain it will put on any relationship you will have with your spouse and children. All will need to make some sort of sacrifice. If you are not able, willing, and ready to make sacrifices, a military marriage will not last.

Divorces for military members decreases morale and readiness. Get help.

>Help for military families and money.

>Help for military service members and their familes.

>Help in raising military kids.

>Military family scholarships.

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>PLEASE support our troops!

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