Monday, November 16, 2009

75 percent "unfit" for military service

A recent report has come out citing obese statistics that show 75% of Americans between the ages of 17-24 would not qualify for military service under the current weight guidelines.

The military now, however, is meeting its recruitment goals. But some think this may spell trouble for the future.

Other reasons for not being eligible for military service are health related such as asthma, depression, and ADHD.

Young people also do not have good credit ratings, another factor.

In short, the military does not want people who they will have to treat and have members whose creditors will be a burden.

The issue of a high school diploma is also of concern. Many think a GED will work. But if you only have a GED, you need to score high enough on the entrance exam and get a waiver. Not many are getting this waiver.

The good news for now, is that because of the economy, the military can be more selective of its recruits. More young people are looking at military service as a quick, easy job. The pool of prospective service members is large at the moment.

But, that could change in the future. Military service and education leaders are looking at ways to improve health and education readiness for our future armies.

If you or a relative is interested in military service, make sure they are as fit as can be and graduate high school.

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