Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama finally (?) decides on Afghanistan troop level...

Barack Obama is now ready to "finish the job" in Afghanistan.

We wonder what he has been waiting for. Supposedly he wants to make a well thought out decision. Not really. That's what he has military commanders to do. And they had already assessed the situation and made their recommendations. But Obama's delay is probably due more to political pressure on the left. He wants to at least appear to appease them.

We say "appear," because during the campaign, as well as just a few months ago, Obama promised to get the Afghanistan done and finished. It was the war we must win, in his own words.

Funny how health care does not get the same careful consideration. No, we must act now or the world will collapse. I would not trust senators to craft a health care bill, nor would I trust them to craft any Afghanistan strategy. They are neither doctors, nor military leaders.

It looks like the final tally for extra troops will be around 30,000. This is 15,000 short of the 45,000 Gen. McChrystal asked for.

With that in mind, how much heart does Obama have for actually, "finishing the job" ?

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