Monday, November 23, 2009

Never-ending warnings for Iran

We have lost count of the warnings we have given to Iran.

It seems on a daily basis we give yet another warning.

We come up with idle threats like, "soon we will do something" or "they better watch out" or some other schoolyard nonsense.

It is beginning to sound silly. And Iran is loving the attention.

Iran could care less. They will just keep stalling for time until the next ice age.

How long will this banter go back and forth? Like two school kids going at it.

People have criticized George Bush for going into Iraq. But George Bush took action. He went through every channel, including the UN, and when Iraq said NO for one more time, he took action.

Our brave men and women in uniform did a fantastic job of shutting saddam down. Whether you agree or disagree, the threat from Iraq was taken out. Period.

We are not advocating military action at this time. Nor do we ever much encourage military action. But, there are things we can do now to get the ball rolling on Iran.

But we are just giving warnings and allowing them to stall with zero consequences.

Why would Iran play ball when they keep getting a pass, and realize the US is not serious at this time to do a thing.

We think this needs to change now.

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