Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obama addresses Marines in Florida

President Obama was in Jacksonville, Florida, recently and spoke the the Marines.

Here is an excerpt from the speech he gave. We are highlighting this to show that words, on both sides of the political aisle, can indeed be used in correct ways.

"We're reminded of this again with today's helicopter crashes in Afghanistan. Fourteen Americans gave their lives. And our prayers are with these service members, their civilian colleagues and the families who loved them.

And while no words can ease the ache in their hearts today, may they find some comfort in knowing this: like all those who give their lives in service to America, they were doing their duty and they were doing this nation proud.

They were willing to risk their lives, in this case, to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for Al Qaida and its extremist allies. And today, they gave their lives, that last full measure of devotion, to protect ours.

Now it is our duty, as a nation, to keep their memory alive in our hearts and to carry on their work. To take care of their families. To keep our country safe. To stand up for the values we hold dear and the freedom they defended. That's what they dedicated their lives to. And that is what we must do as well."

-President Obama, Oct 26, 2009

We are also reminding people of Veteran's Day coming up on November 11. One of the best and easiest things you can do is to fly a flag. The flag is quite a symbol. Also, go out of your way to thank a veteran, or even do something on a personal basis:

How to thank a veteran and military members.

How to fly the flag.

Create a free website to honor a veteran or service member.

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