Wednesday, August 5, 2009

California Veterans get a break on new GI Bill

California veterans who were eligible under the new GI Bill for benefits, had been getting a raw deal. The GI Bill covers tuition at the same level as a public college. The problem is, California public colleges and universities do not charge tuition. They call them fees. So, California vets were getting pennies compared to a state like Texas, that will be doling out thousands. Yesterday, to remedy this wrong, the rules have changed for Californians. They will consider fees as tuition when figuring out how much a veteran under the new GI Bill gets. It still varies by state, which is not fair. Many veterans in some states will get a full ride to the most expensive private institutions. We feel the whole thing needs to be changed. All veterans should have the same status money-wise no matter where they live. Besides, the cost of living in California is staggering compared to most other states. And to give California veterans so much less seems very unfair. Read more about the new GI Bill.

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