Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elections in Afghanistan

The elections in Afghanistan have been called successful by Barack Obama. There were many threats carried out by taliban forces, but many Afghans were able to vote.

No matter how you feel about war, the right to vote and freedom are always at the heart of why America sends its men and women to danger. We fight for freedom. Simple. We make no apologies for fighting for the same freedoms people here have.

We salute all of our military, its supporters, the foreign countries who also sent troops, the famailies, and especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The United States should never stand on the sidelines. There is nobody else in the world. Somehow it seems strange that without our military, we have no freedoms. And yet many people who enjoy these freedoms are fully prepared to live the same life as others without them. As if freedom in America is free and forever. It's not.

Freedom is never free. Never has been. People die. People do bad things. People make mistakes. But our motives are always on the side of right and justice. Remember that the next time you vote. The blood of a soldier is on that ballot. The tear of a fallen soldier's family stains the ballot box. The hardships of men and women on the battlefield are empowering elections. If you don't vote, you disgrace them. Voting is easy. The right to do it has been hard. Do the easy thing. Vote.

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