Friday, August 21, 2009

Colleges Ignoring Military Experience

Many veterans are returning or just starting college for the first time. They were probably told by recruiters and other military personnel that their military schooling and experience should count for some college credit. Unfortunately, this is not the case at most colleges and universities.

Up to a half million veterans are using the new GI Bill this year. But colleges are going to make them basically start over, taking classes that they may already have knowledge and experience in. So, for most of the veterans in college, it means sitting through and paying money for things they really should not have to.

Most colleges should award credit for physical education, however. At least this was the case in past years.

If your college or university does not automatically award you some type of credit for your military experience, we encourage you to contact your school. Make them aware of what they should be doing. Many military schools are just as book intense as college classes.

I myself went through boot camp, basic hospital corps school, and pharmacy tech school. That took the complete first year of my enlistment. When I got out, California was actually generous. I was qualified as an EMT, pharmacy tech, and could have taken the LVN test. I also got credit for physical education from Cal State San Bernardino and was exempt from PE. I first got an AS degree in Chemistry, and had to take general chemistry basically all over again. I learned most of that in the pharmacy tech school which was 6 months.

Bottom line, you may make your college choice based on what they give you as college credit for your military service. This will save you time as well as money.

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