Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pentagon wants a no smoking military

The pentagon is seriously considering making the military smoke-free. Yessiree! Your government is hard at work thinking up stupid stuff like this!

The military exists to kill people and break things. Not exactly a bastian of health. Our soldiers are put in harms way everyday. Maybe the knuckleheads did not think about that.

If smoking causes soldiersto be a little more comfortable, so beit! Apparently the pentagon worries about the health costs related to smoking. I guess they did not consider the health risks of going to war. Soldiers are sent into hamrs way daily, and get killed, injured, and maimed.

If we really want to think about soldiers health, let's create things to make the battlefield safer. Not banning vices.

With the idiots coming up with this smoke-free plan, we wonder what's next. A war-free military? Is this the kind of thinking we are getting from this current administration? Does anybody hav half a brain there?

We urge you to contact your congressman and kill this bad idea.

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