Saturday, August 22, 2009

VA Bonuses are a sham and warning

The Veterans Administration is in the red. Yet, they are now accused of handing out bonuses to employees the last couple of years. $24 million worth. A retired official Jennifer S. Duncan, was handing out bonuses left and right. As if the money was hers to do with what she wanted, reimbursing people for tuition and other things not authorized. She is also accused of hiring relatives.

According to their records, the backlog of VA claims rises. Barack Obama has said he wants it a priority to clear the backlog. Slim chance with people like that running the office.

This is just a warning about any health care bill that gets introduced. We treat our veterans pretty lousy. We need to clean up and prioritize the VA administration and the VA health system before we do anything with national health care. The VA hospitals do as good a job as they can. But they are severely lacking being a top notch health organization through no fault of the employees. It is a government run program. Nuff said.

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