Sunday, August 16, 2009

Women Marines in Afghanistan

Women are technically not supposed to be in combat with the Marines. But some women in Afghanistan are need because Marines have to deal with civilians and women are encountered when patrolling Afghanistan. Because of this and the touchy subject of women and Muslims, it is appropriate to have women deal with women. There are some brave women in our Marines that are putting themselves at risk to help with the mission.

These women Marines are even wearing head scarves out of respect. Now we can't exactly support being out of uniform, we do know that many military undercover missions are done wearing something other than a uniform. So we will salute these women and say job well done.

Stories like these stay under the radar. It reinforces who the United States has always taken the high road when dealing with civilians. Too much coverage is given to killing and not for the good things our military does.

Our military is fighting the enemy. The bad guys. We make no apologies for anything done when it comes to completing the mission at hand.

And women Marines need to be saluted, as well as all women in our armed forces.
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