Thursday, September 3, 2009

Afghan war can be won.

No need to pull out. An Afghanistan that is taliban is not an option.

Let the pentagon run it. Run it completely, run it well, run it with all the resources they need.

Does Obama have a stomach for it? He should. He campaigned on it! He just said it was vital to our security! If he changes his mind now, he will have both sides upset.

Our military did a fantastic job in Iraq. Before and after the surge. But, obviously the surge turned the tide. Also the resolve to finally let the military do it the way they wanted.

There is no better people to be running our military than the military itself. When you let politicians run things, the end game gets muddled.

Our military is the finest in the world. When they are allowed to do their jobs as they trained for, and as the soldiers in command call for, we can do anything!

Getting out of Afghanistan is not an option. It will take as much sacrifice as Iraq. We just hope they do not start a body count on the 6 o'clock news. Journalists would take offense at the pentagon reporting news. So ask the journalists to stop trying to run a war.

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