Thursday, September 17, 2009

Veterans are Fighting to Keep Memorial Cross Up

The Supreme court is hearing arguments on this today. Thought I would redo it.

Please support this cause. If the Supreme Court knocks it down, congress can and should step in.

There is (was?) a cross put up on a hill of rocks in 1934. It was put there by veterans of World War I in 1934 to be a memorial for those soldiers that died.

Over the course of years, no problem. But then somehow the ACLU came to think of the cross as a religious display. And they want it down. A judge agreed and now it is covered with wooden boxes. Is that crazy? The supreme court has agreed to hear the case. That alone is a victory for what is right. The supreme court does not take many matters like this.

The ACLU is quite a brainless organization. The cross is not a religious sympbol in this case, no more than naming a city Los Angeles is. Los Angeles as you know means the angels in Spanish. Many cities have religious names, especially the ones with Saints in them. St. Louis? Is that promoting Catholicism? We think not.

A degree of common sense must be had in cases like this. Religion is a cornerstone of what this country was founded on. A cross as a memorial is not promoting religion.

To support the effort of keeping a cross up that has been up for 70 plus years, go to

The ACLU certainly has better things to do than tie up courts with useless litigation. Please write your congressman to do something about this court case. Your liberties may be at stake one day.

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