Wednesday, September 9, 2009

British Raid in Afghanistan is Justified

Hostage negotiators are bemoaning the fact that Britain raid a taliban house that held a reporter hostage. Too bad they think negotiating with terrorists is a good idea.

If you think the taliban will sit down and listen to reason, you need you head examined. They kill, maim, bomb, execute, anyone and everyone they deem to be against them. They are bent on killing innocent lives. Period. Anything we do to eliminate them in a military action is justifiable.

Supposedly this "hostage negotiating team" believes it was only hours away from getting the release. Well, so what? Even if that's true, so what? Taliban needs to be attacked and eliminated. Of course Gordon Brown will take some criticism. But we applaud him.

We also applaud the US soldiers who dropped the British soldier in. We applaud and recognize the sacrifice that a British soldier gave by losing his life, along with a translator.

As soon as every decent country comes together and attacks terrorist groups like the taliban, the better. Why should we negotiate and let them do more terror? Complete nonsense.

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