Sunday, September 6, 2009

AP Disgraces soldier, family, and country.

There is a controversy brewing that should not be. It should not be happening, that is. The news organization has decided to publish a photo of a dying soldier. Their reasons are none other than political.

With Obama keeping war news in the background, the AP has decided that America needs a wake up call. Supposedly showing a dying soldier bleeding from his leg will bring the debate to the forefront. Hogwash. Complete nonsense. Completely disgraceful. Even this dying soldier's parents have expressed that they did not want this photo shown. Why would they?

Dying soldiers are now becoming political fodder to be used for a reporters political views? Absolutely disgraceful. Remember the reporters name, Julie Jacobson. Remember the news agency, Associated Press.

If your local newspaper or newschannel has decided to show this phot, we urge you to write a letter condemning it, and cancel your subscription.

Photos of dying soldiers should never, ever be used as a political statement.

Shame on the AP. Shame on that reported. And shame on people who will print it.

We offer our love, prayers, and support to the family of this fallen soldier.

He gave his life in the ultimate sacrifice and it should be exalted. Not demeaned.

Edit: Sarah Palin condemns photo.

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