Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Women in Military Face Child Custody Loss on Return

It is a growing trend. Women in the military. They actually have done a fine job in the greatest service in the world. But women do something that men don't. They have children. Can you imagine the heartbreak of being deployed overseas and leaving your children behind? This is hard enough for a man. How much more so for a women?

Many women who leave their children behind are now facing the unthinkable on their return. Loss of custody. Some women who go overseas do not have a close relative to take over raising a child. They must make arrangements. Some of the people involved with these arrangements think that if the women is gone overseas, she must be an unfit mother. Many women veteran's are now returning to their homes and finding the people they left their children with now will not give them up. They feel they are the ones who are now deserving of raising the child. How would you feel?

These women now must go to court and fight over a child that should be rightfully theirs. Is this how we want to treat our brave women who join our military?

The rising rates of single mothers, and the economy making military service attractive, is leading to many of these cases.

Your military service should not interfere with the custody of your child. Nobody has the right to "steal" your children, or lay claim to them, just because you are deployed oversees.

There are many bills floating around that will make it so that military service and deployments are not factors in custody. We urge you to contact your congressman and state law makers to get legislation passed to help these brave women. We wish they would go a step further. When a women returns, and she was a fit mother before, she should automatically get her children back. No questions. Why are we treating our military veterans like this?

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