Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Senators Call for Increased Troops in Afghanistan

The Wall Street Journal has an opinion article posted by John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joseph Lieberman. The Senators call the war winnable and ask for more troops.

The opinion piece goes on to say how we should not be "muddling" through. We cannot and should not allow a safe haven for the taliban and al qaeda. These are the people who concocted and acted out 9-11.

President Obama promised in his campaign to defeat these enemies and kill bin laden. We are holding him to his word.

We cannot allow Pakistan and Afghanistan to fall back into these terrorist's hands. But as the Senators point out, this war has waning popularity among the American people.

That's why we are urging you to write your congressmen and demand the war on terror being fought in Afghanistan be allowed to continue under a larger military presence. If you think this will be expensive, how much damage would another 9-11 do to our economy?

Before health care, before bank bailouts, before buying auto companies, the United States MUST demand safety first!

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