Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama, fund the war in Afghanistan now.

President Obama has still not made up his mind to either increase troops or increase funding. We urge him to stick to his promises. Obama has chided George Bush about going to Iraq and not Afghansitan. And, if he were president, he would step up the efforts in Afghanistan and root out the taliban and al qaeda. He needs to be held to his promises.

This is not a time to be iffy or wishy washy. Barack Obama's problem stems from the fact that the anti-"war" effort helped him get elected. But these people fully ignored his promise to step it up in Afghanistan.

This Afghanistan effort needs to be continued and continued hard. Increase troop levels and increase funding. There is no need to waiver.

Obama lost his backbone on the missile shield and abandoned allies in Poland and the Czech Republic. He cannot afford to lose anymore support here at home, too.

We urge you to contact your congressmen and women and get them to keep up the good work our brave men and women have started!

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