Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black Female Soldier Becomes First Female Top Drill Sergeant

Sgt. Maj. Teresa King will be in charge of all drill instructors.
Here are some quick facts:

First female to hold this position.
She is African-American.
Has 28 years in the military.
Daughter of a sharecropper with 11 other siblings.

We salute this woman to the utmost! Sgt. Maj. King is an asset to this country.
Sgt. Maj. King is the epitome of service to this country. We know she will make a fine Commandant. The 48 year old woman might not be big in stature. But she is big in heart, desire, patriotism, and desire to be the best she can be, and instill this in others.

Sgt. Maj. King is what the United States is all about!

Sgt. Maj. King is an inspiration and a true leader. We wish her all the best!

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