Friday, September 11, 2009

Vietnam Veterans Day Veto

California Governor Arnold vetoed a bill introduced by California assembly member Paul Cook (R-Yucca Valley)that would have created a day to honor Vietnam War Veterans. Sadly, Arnold decided to make a political statement by saying that people want petty bills pushed through instead of major ones, like the budget.

We could not agree with Arnold less. Small bills are very easy to get through. This one has a lot of support. Eventually the veto will be overturned, we hope. If you live in California, or even across the country, write to California lawmakers and express outrage over this veto.

This day would cost the state zero. It would show an albeit token support for veterans, but support nonetheless. It would have given a little goodwill towards lawmakers and constituents as well. No reason to veto it to make a political statement.

We think Vietnam veterans are due a huge bit of support. They still matter. Any and all veterans matter. The governator should be making friends, not enemies. What does a small gesture of a Vietnam Veterans Day have to do with politics?

That's the trouble with people doing the right thing. Politics gets in the way.

Yes, we agree that lawmakers should be concentrating on the big things. But the simple things sometimes are best!

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